Wireless Penetration Testing

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What Is A Wireless Penetration Test?

Wireless penetration testing involves identifying and examining the connections between all devices connected to the business’s wifi. These devices include laptops, tablets, smartphones, and any other internet of things (IoT) devices.

Wireless penetration tests are typically performed on the client’s site as the pen tester needs to be in range of the wireless signal to access it.

What Are The Goals Of A Wireless Pen Test?

Every official penetration test should primarily focus on the vulnerabilities most easily exploited.

This is often referred to as going for the “low-hanging fruit” as these identified vulnerabilities represent the highest risk and are most easily exploitable.

In the case of wifi networks, these vulnerabilities are most often found in wifi access points.

A common reason for this is due to insufficient Network Access Controls and due to the lack of MAC filtering.

If these security controls are not used to effectively increase the security of a WiFi network, malicious hackers gain a significant advantage over the company and can use various techniques and WiFi hacking tools to gain unauthorized access in the network.