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Today, the biggest problem of local technology users is not being able to securely store, host and share the data they create in the digital world with their contacts.

On the basis of Ataguc Safe, it overcomes all these problems, and thanks to the SecArea Backup product, it solves all problems such as taking regular backups, which are the most basic problems experienced by users, and keeping this data fresh between certain dates.

Next Generation Technology


The bad guys on the internet seem to be looking for interesting data everywhere. But people don’t want any of their private data to be disclosed anywhere. ATAGUC SAFE provides strong encryption to make your data look like garbage to others. With a well-chosen password, your backup files are safely stored in SECAREA BACKUP!

Take regular backups! The worst-case scenario for companies and governments is not getting regular backups. Easily take your backups at any day, time or month zone thanks to the scheduling feature of SECAREA BACKUP. Also, SECAREA BACKUP uses file compression and can store incremental backups to save storage space and bandwidth.

You Will Be Able To Backup Your Data Safely!

You Will Be Able To Get Regular Backups!

You Will Get Rid of the Annoying Errors of Desktop Software!

What Will SECAREA BACKUP Add to You?​

Thanks to the 256 Bit Encryption Algorithm, you will be able to safely host your data in ATAGUC SAFE!

You'll Be Able To Access Your Latest Backups In Seconds !

You Can Save Storage Space and Bandwidth with Incremental Backup!

Some Features

Web Interface

SECAREA BACKUP is web-based. You can easily access your data through the interface.

Encryption Algorithm

SECAREA BACKUP has the best encryption algorithms. You can also use it with GNU Privacy Guard.

Back Up Regularly

Program your calendar with SECAREA BACKUP. Easily take automatic backups on the day, hour or month you want.

Smart Backup

SECAREA BACKUP uploads a full backup initially and stores smaller, incremental updates afterwards to save bandwidth and storage space.

Custom Filtering

SECAREA BACKUP allows backups of folders, document types like e.g. documents or images, or custom filter rules.

Turn Easily

With SECAREA BACKUP, easily return to the backup on the desired date with one click.

Verify Data

Easily verify the data in your backup. SECAREA BACKUP does this automatically. It notifies you when it receives any error.

Multiple Backups

Make all your plans with one click. Let SECAREA BACKUP easily take your backups simultaneously. Multiple machine support.

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