SCADA Penetration Testing

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What Is A SCADA Penetration Testing ?

Traditional security testing targets corporate networks, systems, and software which reside to provide services to corporate networks and users. SCADA systems have been relatively excluded from security testing.

SCADA systems are increasingly becoming a target for focused attackers – with some highly publicised successful intrusions resulting in malicious attackers obtaining administrative access to core systems.

To ensure your SCADA based systems are secured from external threats, self-assessment and external independent testing should be performed bi-annually.

Why Should You Perform SCADA Penetration Testing ?

  • SCADA systems are often outdated legacy systems and full of holes.
  • Companies today are connecting SCADA network segments to the Internet.
  • There is a tendency not to patch SCADA systems for fear of breaking something. This can leave gaps in your digital defence which attackers can easily exploit.

What you gain from this testing

  • A comprehensive understanding of the risks of your SCADA systems.
  • Assurance that your SCADA systems can hold up against a motivated attacker.
  • A comprehensive report outlining the security issues of your SCADA systems, including high impact recommendations and root causes.
  • Peace of mind that the SCADA systems are secure.