Red Team

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What Is A Red Team ?

Red-teaming is often considered the highest standard of threat emulation and is suited to organisations who have an active security programme and are looking to validate the effectiveness of their approach and the alertness of their defensive solution.

Essentially, a team of offensive security professionals are engaged to perform a specific task; be it compromising a network, accessing a specific file and taking a copy, or gaining access to an individual’s business emails. Typically, an objective is specified and the team’s creativity is unleashed (within limits, of course). This more closely simulates what a genuine attacker would do – explore and search for the easiest way into a target using their skills to create opportunities when none currently exist.

Regardless of whether the team meet the objective, ICSDI consultants will explain what they did and how this was achieved. This can be compared to any discovered actions to ensure that logging and monitoring levels are sufficient, and to identify the attack taking place, preventing a genuine intruder from taking a similar approach.

What Is The Benefit Of The Red Team ?

Red team activities can identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the physical processes and defences in the controls you have in place to protect your online systems. It is better to find these weaknesses yourself than for an attacker to find them, because you are then in a position to put in place better defences, enhancing your controls and protecting your data.

The type of threat changes regularly, new methods of attack are constantly being developed, so it is important that you test your systems regularly.