Network Service Penetration Testing

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What Is A Network Penetration Test?

A network penetration test is the process of identifying security vulnerabilities in applications and systems by intentionally using various malicious techniques to evaluate the network’s security, or lack of, responses.

Similar to vulnerability assessments, a network penetration test, also known as a pen test, aims to identify vulnerabilities in a network.

However, unlike a vulnerability assessment, a penetration test is an exact simulation of a potential attack to identify vulnerabilities that are harder to find in a network.

What Are The Benefits Of Performing A Network Penetration Test?

There are numerous benefits to performing network penetration tests on your systems including:

  • Understanding the network baseline
  • Testing your security posture and controls
  • Preventing network and data breaches
  • Ensuring network and system securit

Acting as an in-depth test of the network, the network penetration test will allow businesses to better understand their network baseline, to test their network and system security controls, prevent attacks and breaches, and ensure network security in the future.

A network penetration test is typically performed when a business has a mature security posture, or they believe they have strong security measures in place.