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What Is Malware?

The idea of a self-replicating computer program it thought to have originated with computer scientist John von Neumann. However, Scientific American reports that Bell Labs brought that hypothesis to life in the 1950s with the conception of a game called “Core Wars” (which wasn’t released until 1984). Now, decades later, we have cybercriminals encrypting files via malware, disrupting networks and exfiltrating data.  

Malware is any piece of software that’s harmful to your system — worms, viruses, trojans, spyware, etc. Discovering them continues to be a challenge as attackers are writing increasingly sophisticated programs to evade detection. Malware analysis can help you to determine if a suspicious file is indeed malicious, study its origin, process, capabilities, and assess its impact to facilitate detection and prevention.

Malware Analysis Service

ICSDI customers can request malware analysis service to reveal the purpose and methods of use of suspicious files that are suspected to be malicious software or that have emerged during case analysis.

After taking a sample of the suspicious files, ICSDI analysts perform static and dynamic analysis of the relevant files in the malware analysis laboratories, providing a report detailing the contents of the suspicious files and meeting the information needs of the customer.