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What is Threat Intelligence ?

Threat intelligence can identify and analyze cyber threats aimed at your business. The keyword is “analyze.” Threat intelligence is about sifting through piles of data. It’s examining it contextually to spot real problems, and deploying solutions specific to the problem found.

The definition of threat intelligence is often simplified or confused with other cybersecurity terms. Most commonly, people confuse “threat data” with “threat intelligence.” Threat data is a list of possible threats. Think of it like your Facebook feed, it’s a running list of possible problems. That’s threat data.

Your Facebook posts don’t mean anything until you read them and combine that knowledge with previous posts from friends, right?

That’s threat intelligence. It’s when IT specialists or sophisticated tools read threats and analyze them. Then apply historical knowledge to know if a threat is real, and if it is, what to do about it.

What We Do

ICSDI, its Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence Analysts; It collects and processes intelligence to take pro-active security to the next level in critical areas identified by the organization’s requests, needs. Operations carried out by the Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence team are presented below.

Within the scope of Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence, it profiles threat actors (APT groups and other threat groups) around the world and collects cyber intelligence. According to the risk factors determined specific to the institution, it is determined whether the incoming intelligence and profiled groups pose a threat to the institution.

Our Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence analysts track and track corporate keywords on social media. In this way, the social media security of institutions and authorized persons is taken under control, and unwanted situations are prevented.

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