Forensic Informatics

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What Is Forensic Informatics ?

The Forensic Information Service is a set of procedures that enable the examination of all kinds of data stored in electromagnetic and electro-optical environments in line with the requests submitted by the institutions and to answer the requested questions with evidence.

Forensic Informatics Service

  • First Responder: It consists of determining digital evidence that will illuminate the incident and ensuring the security of these systems.
  • Making Forensic Copies: It consists of taking images of systems accepted as digital evidence using write protection methods for use during analysis.
  • Examination: It consists of technical examinations carried out to search for answers to the questions requested with methods and software accepted in the literature on the Forensic Copies obtained.
  • Reporting: It consists of reporting the findings obtained as a result of the examination and the details of the findings in an understandable manner. In addition, the suggestions that include the measures to be taken to prevent the events that are requested to be investigated by the institutions and the like are added to the report created as a result of this process.