CDM Disaster Recovery System Award !


International Cybersecurity Defense and Intelligence (ICSDI) is a global company that develops next-generation cybersecurity technologies.

Established with years of experience and expert technical and management staff, ICSDI offers new generation cyber security solutions that will destroy worldwide cyber threats.

ICSDI won the World’s Best Disaster Recovery System by CDM in United States of America in 2020 with its ATAGUC SAFE product!

What is Ataguc Safe?

ATAGUC SAFE, aims to ensure the security of digital data, storage of data in digital environment, prevention of data loss, prevention of cyber attacks, providing the opportunity to access data from anywhere at any time, ensuring secure file sharing .

aims to protect data security against both internal and external threats, to have your data in a world that belongs to you and to make this system fully customizable.

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