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ATAGUC SAFE, aims to ensure the security of digital data, storage of data in digital environment, prevention of data loss, prevention of cyber attacks, providing the opportunity to access data from anywhere at any time, ensuring secure file sharing .

aims to protect data security against both internal and external threats, to have your data in a world that belongs to you and to make this system fully customizable.

Next Generation Technology

Meet Real Security !

ATAGUC SAFE The world’s first “NO DATABASE” working cyber security system ATAGUC SAFE; adopts the plug-and-play mentality. You can easily use the world’s most secure system; You can protect your data from cyber attacks.

ATAGUC SAFE; You can access all your data safely from anywhere, anytime. You can send the data you want to share with the “encrypted link sharing” system. After reaching the relevant person safely, your data will self-destruct within the time you specify.

You Will Be Able To Safely Store Your Data in ATAGUC SAFE

You Will Be Able To Share Your Data With Your Contacts Over Encrypted Connection Networks

You Will Be Able To Securely Access Your Data Whenever You Want

You Will Get Rid Of Cyber ​​Threats

What Will ATAGUC SAFE Add to You?​

You Will Be Away From Internal And External Threats

You Will Not Experience Data Loss

Your Devices Will Run Faster With No Data Load

With The Directory Structure, You Will Be Able To Set The Files That Users Can See

Some Features


Meet privileged security with Multi Factor Authentication!

Encryption Algorithm

Stay Safe with ATAGUC SAFE's Specially Developed Encryption Algorithm!

Directory Structure

Easily Manage Your Department Structures and Users!

Closed Circuit System

Say No to 3rd Party Software Vulnerabilities Problem!

Encrypted File Sharing

Easily Share Your Data with Your Contacts with the Encrypted Connection Sharing System!

Super Loader

Upload Large Files Easily. Track File Progress. Pause and Resume.

Unlimited Folders

Create as many folders and subdirectories as you want.


See Previews of Files You Uploaded! Watch, Listen, Edit

Customizable System

ATAGUC SAFE Can Adapt to All Sectors With Its Fully Customizable Structure.

+99 Features

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